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1.Psychotherapy and Counselling

I am interested in working with individuals in longer term therapy. My experience is that through sustained exploration and support, lasting change can be achieved.

Based on my experience, I believe that short term Gestalt therapy over several weeks or a few months can also be very beneficial and can instigate significant changes.

I offer one to one work to suit your needs and resources of time and money. I am happy to explore with you what suits best. Levels of CBT approaches can be integrated, according to your needs.

Cost : £45 for one hour sessions. £67.50 for one-and-a-half hour session

Couples work. I support couples to improve their communication with each other and explore the dynamic of their relationship, seeing how unfinished business from the past may be influencing the present.

Cost: £60 for one hour sessions

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I offer individual supervision for counsellors, psychotherapists, teachers, social workers and others working in the helping professions. The supervision is an opportunity to:

  • reflect on your work generally;
  • clarify and understand difficult or puzzling dynamics with others in one-to-one or group settings;
  • discuss strategies and interventions;
  • explore how you can best support yourself and receive support from others.

I use a variety of creative approaches to ensure the work remains lively and immediate.

If you want to speak to me directly do give me a call. Tel. 01926 311298


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