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photo I am a qualified and experienced Gestalt Practitioner. I began studies in Psychology, Sociology, Child Psychiatry, Pedagogy and Child Literature in the mid 70s.

I was born and educated in the Netherlands. During the late 70’s I moved to England, worked as Social Worker, gained a Certificate in Qualification in Social Work (1984) and worked for twenty years with many people of differing ages, backgrounds and cultures, groups and families, in mental health, child protection, adoption, fostering, elderly, residential care and training. During this time I trained as a Gestalt Psychotherapist and qualified in 1991. Since then I have run a successful private practice in Leamington Spa. In 1999 I obtained the Certificate for an MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy. I have worked in a group-work practice, a centre for counselling and psychotherapy and three universities (University of Warwick, Coventry University and University of Gloucestershire).

I am committed to ongoing training and have participated in numerous workshops / personal development programmes and am continuing to do so. In 2004 I completed a Supervision Practicum Training. From time to time I run groups and workshops.

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I am passionate about Gestalt because Gestalt works with the whole person - with feelings, body, intelligence, energy, emotions, imagination, creativity, spirituality, dreams - towards a more integrated self. Whilst using this holistic approach, I see people discover and develop a better sense of themselves with more awareness of options and choices in the way they live their lives.

At some point in our lives many of us feel that we are blocked in some aspect of ourselves which is reflected in difficulties in our relationships to others and/or ourselves or with the world around us. In the sessions, we explore together what is going on with you, at your pace, supporting you and bringing about greater awareness of what is happening. Together we work on resolving conflict and discovering more choices. My experience is that people can take the risks of profound personal change when they feel well supported in this way.

One of Gestalt's strengths is working with the body. I tune into what the body tells us and work with what emerges.


I have been involved with Gestalt therapy for more than 25 years and also with other related forms of therapy. This means Gestalt principles have become integrated into my life and many are "second nature" or perhaps I should say, by now, first nature. My passion is to assist others to reach the better sense of well-being that they are looking for by being there for them during sessions and working together in ways that enhances such well-being.

I work face to face with individuals and couples on a short and long term basis and offer day time and some evening appointments.

I am interested in working with creative and artistic people; young people and students and people who have cultural and health related issues.

My interests are photography, expression through sound, song, dance and movement, butoh, acapella singing, poetry, art projects, dance, painting, sculpture, looking after and playing with my toddler friends, hiking, organic gardening, sea, river and lake swimming, land-and garden explorations at home and abroad, hill and mountain hiking, cycling, camping, supporting peace and ecology groups, ethical and justice issues, cat behaviour, writing, good food, teaching Dutch, translating. I am a artistic photographer.

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